Laura Beth Lott


I am a Mississippian. I love my state so much, I have it tattooed on my arm. I am a collaborator and a problem solver. Dreamer and thinker. I aim to constantly find inspiration in the things around me and the people I work with in hopes of growing a creative community here in Mississippi. 

I graduated from Delta State University with a BFA in crafts, minoring in painting. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do when I graduated and took some time just working as a barista. Fortunately, two of my regular customers were photographer Will Jacks and his wife Jamie. I was offered a job to work exclusively in just being creative. I spent seven years working for Will--in wedding and portrait photography and directing the Wiljax Gallery. We started Cotton Row Creative in 2012 together and since January 2014 it has been my full-time job to grow this business as my own. 

I tend to work unconventionally, always eager to learn, in order to find a way to make things work. I try to find the best solution, not necessarily the easiest. I pay attention to the details and find inspiration in everything around me from fashion to music to even grocery store items. I've learned that you never know when you'll have the next great idea because art is everywhere. At the end of the day, I do my best to push myself and push my clients to make a really great product.

What I'm into right now:

Tribute Project, the Memphis Grizzlies, the How Did This Get Made podcast, this God Only Knows video & coffee…always coffee.